Chair Massage

Chair Massage is the perfect option when in a public setting or there is not enough time for a table massage.

On-site chair massage is an upcoming long needed practice that is no longer just available at spas and medical offices. Chair massages are showing up at many types of off site locations such as offices, corporate events and even trade shows and the benefits are paying back ten-fold.

Chair massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension that develops in workplace situations. Benefits include physically, mentally, and financially.  The benefits achieved for the employees makes for a more productive work site, which in turn benefits the employer. It only makes sense that a happy employee is a productive employee.  And we all know that means larger profits for the corporation.


Corporate / Businesses – Often businesses or companies looking for chair massage are doing so to reward their employees or boost morale.  We can help change the high-stressed environment to a more calm, peaceful, and confident one.  15 min can reduce pain & anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase attention, and stimulate the immune system.  Think of what your employees will accomplish with less headaches, more endorphins and serotonin and a calm nervous system.

Parties / Events – When someone is hosting a party or event, a great thing to offer your guests or customers/clients is chair massage.  Anyone who has been to an event with chair massage knows it is very popular and makes the event unforgettable.

Chair-Massage2Trade Shows / Booths –  Offering free chair massage on-site at your convention booth raises your visibility and gives you a unique opportunity to talk to prospective clients that your competition won’t get. We specialize in chair massage at convention booths because it is such a powerful sales tool that many of our clients use.  Regardless the situation, potential clients and onlookers will leave with a positive view of your company.

  • Looking for something a little different?  We also offer Reflexology and Hand & Foot Scrubs!

Whatever the occasion, don’t hesitate to call and see if we could serve you and your event.  We offer competitive prices and with no extra fees for travel or last minute bookings.  You deal directly with us so you know what to expect each time.  Be sure to check out our FAQ’s!



1  hour  =  $100

2  hours = $75/hr

3+ hours = $65/hr

Relaxing Music & Aromatherapy is always included and complimentary!


DISCOUNTS offered for:

  • More than one therapist
  • 5 or more hours
  • Regular visits to companies each month or week